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5 Useless Features GTA 6 That Shouldn’t Come!

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5 Useless Features That Shouldn’t Come in GTA 6: The Grand Theft Auto series is popular for its variety of in-game features that we may experience in the game while completing the missions. But we have listed some of the useless features in its previous game that shouldn’t be followed or added in the upcoming series GTA 6.

Useless Features GTA 6 To Skip

Several times it has been seen that many missions and activities are annoying for the gamers to complete like a quest. It includes side-activity missions which are meant only to annoy players. This seems to be useless to include such kinds of missions in the game having only purpose to extent the story of the game which acts irrelevant at the end.


5 Useless Features That Shouldn’t Come in GTA 6

In the list of features, some features might be subjective from person to person, this is just the writer’s opinion shared in this article. However, you could drop your suggestions in the comments below and share your experience about it.

1. Filler Missions

From the previous game titles, Grand Theft Auto 5 has the longest game for the Rockstar games, moreover it has not exact number of missions that has GTA San Andreas that feels way better to play and enjoy. But GTA V has many filler missions that can annoy you at the moment because it do not purpose any kind of thing related to the storyline it is just used to describe the character’s lifestyle and nature.

It makes it annoying for the players to complete the unwanted missions by wasting their time that has no purpose in the game to serve. For example, Scouting the Port will be surely hectic to complete which could make you stops playing the game for the moment altogether.

The Rockstar Games titles are well-known for their challenging difficult missions as we have experienced it like a tradition. Sometimes many fans also appreciated the missions in the series which were actually interesting to play and complete. Surely, wasting your time on such useless missions will not be a good bet for you that’s why from our opinion these kinds of mission should not be included in GTA 6.

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2. Yoga

Grand Theft Auto has some extra in-game activities like Tennis and Golf, but most of the people should agree that Yoga isn’t a part of it. The game forces the players to complete frustrating missions to try out the Yoga moves without having any kind of cathartic ending. It surely does not showcase the relationship of Micheal either.

Instead, of giving some challenging missions the game forces them to complete the annoying missions which are irrelevant to Micheal – one of the three protagonists. It feels so stupid for doing such missions being a Gangstar in the game, such missions surely just waste of time and these Grand Theft Auto side activities surely do not come in GTA 6.

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3. Futuristic Vehicles

Many GTA Online players believe that some vehicles are over-powered with the futuristic abilities which have been bane of the game. They absolutely ruin the realism and fair play of the game and do not fit for their game balance. Also, it ruins the authority of Grand Theft Auto series which is known for his fair-play gameplay among the gamers.

The Oppressor Mk ll is one of the most notorious vehicles of the time in the Grand Theft Auto Online for years, and the list is bit long. Rockstar finally nerfing them from the game and surely it will a useless feature that definitely shouldn’t come either in story mode or in multiplayer mode.

4. Stealth Mode

However, the stealth mode in the game came as the replacement of the crouching but now, it is like the feature that is mentioned on the papers but functions as a loosed screw in the Grand Theft Auto V. When you enable this feature if offers the character to produce less noise while walking. This feature was introduced for the stealth-based gameplay.

The game has some of the missions like Splinter Cell-like level design, but this feature doesn’t works quite well, since stealth is an element in the game that is lacking consistently in the Grand Theft Auto 5. This would be surely one of the first useless features to avoid adding in the GTA 6. They should give a better alternative to this, or replace it with some more functional stealth mode which will have increased in-game physics like crouching and pruning.

5. Shark Card-based Microtransactions

Shark Cards are the primarily used mode of transaction thing for micro transition in the Grand Theft Auto Online mode which lets to buy in-game money instantly which do not make any sense. As, this is not a free game to play therefore, including microtransactions in such a big title would not be entirely fair for the audience. Moreover, it they were cosmetic items then it would be making more sense to players. Making in-game purchases makes the game pay-to-win that would be not gone over well with the community.

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Ending up with this article, In my opinion, these were the 5 non-essential features that shouldn’t come in GTA 6 that can save lots of time of gamers to complete such useless missions which are even irrelevant to the storyline of the game. You can share your suggestion below and what you are thinking about Non-essential features GTA 6 should skip.

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