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Who is the Techy bag ?

Techy Bag is a platform where you will all get exciting games-related updates Daily. On this website, you will get Tech related, Games-related, and Tech news so that all of you stay updated.

Who Am I: Mohit Pandey

My name is Mohit. My Age is 16 Years. And currently, I am living in Nashik, Maharashtra. I am studying in class 11 std. Here is my picture so you can recognize me.

Mohit Pandey Founder of Techy Bag
Mohit Pandey is the Founder of Techy Bag
Quick Details About Me
Name Mohit Pandey
Std. 11th
Designation Director of Techy Bag
Location Nashik, Maharashtra
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About me

I belongs to a middle-class family but a helping person in nature. Also, I like to share my knowledge with people so they can also learn some helpful things from my side.

I also enjoy sharing my knowledge. I think if we share our knowledge with someone then it is beneficial for us only. Since, if we share anything with someone he also gives their views and thoughts about that particular thing.

How do I become a Blogger?

I created this blog so that I sharing the knowledge in the form of a video that I can share with people who wants to get that information by reading. From this, I will also receive feedback from people. I understand where I’m doing mistakes and how to improve myself and my work so I can bring more for them. I always try to improve myself because no person can be perfect in the world. So, that’s why I created this blog for you.

My experience in Youtube

I got 100K views; on some of the videos and also, my videos go viral on youtube.

Some Small Achievements 🙂

  • 15M+ Views in YouTube Career
  • 5.84K+ Followers on Instagram
  • 3 Youtube Channels 

Youtube Channels of Techy Bag

How I Gain Gaming Knowledge?

I played many games for getting gaming knowledge. So, that’s why I’m so familiar with any kind of game. Because as I mentioned before that I’m very familiar with games. So, I am sharing my gaming experience and knowledge in front of you here through this website.

I am active on telegram especially join now to chat- Let’s Chat.

Also, If You want to know more about me you can also check out my Profile on other Platforms also –


I think you got all the information that you required about me. Founded in 2021 by Techy Bag has come a long way from its beginnings in India. As it is our starting so as we go forward we will always try to help and solve your all issues and queries.

When Mohit first started, to convert his passion into his work for Creating his own world of gaming, he had to do lots of research so that Techy Bag can give you the world’s best-advanced gaming content. Also, check here our Privacy policy.

I hope you enjoy my products and games as much as I enjoy giving them to you. If you have any questions or comments related to anything, please don’t hesitate to contact me. For this please check our contact page. Because your one suggestion can help us lot.

Best regards,
Techy Bag