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Best 5 Minecraft Mobs for XP Farming in 2024

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Best 5 Minecraft Mobs for XP Farming in 2024: Minecraft is the game of sharing because if you want to survive till last then sharing is the best thing to learn since with the help of it you can achieve almost all things easily. In Minecraft players are able to give their XP for doing most of the actions from mining to breeding, trading, and fishing. However, the most common and most used way to gain the XP is by killing the mobs in the game.

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Best 5 Minecraft Mobs for XP Farming in 2024

The most common and most used way to gain the XP is by killing the mobs in the game. The obtained XP have do have not any kind of effect on the player’s character, XP in the game is used for the enchantment system, allowing players to enchant their items. Experience also recovers durability on items with Mending that are being worn or are in-hand. Know here the best mobs for starting your XP Farms.

1. Zombies

Zombie Spawners in Minecraft
Zombie Spawners

Zombies Spawner in the game system of Minecraft has a 50 chance to be spawned in the center of a dungeon. Players can easily create a Rotten Flesh farm, beside that they can also look for creating farms for Iron Ingots, gears, and armors. Players can even down them to create a drowned farm.

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2. Blaze

In the Nether Fortress, players can find one or two blaze spawners on the fenced platforms in the game with the full-block “stairs” leading up to them. However, normally two are generated per fortress, but there can be fewer.

Blaze drops blaze rods, which are amazing fuels for brewing and crafting that you will like most in Minecraft. This will help you to make an amazing Blaze farm very efficiently therefore, the players playing Minecraft should always save the first blaze spawners they encounter in the game in especially in the survival modes and hardcore modes mostly.

Minecraft Blaze
Minecraft Blaze

On the other hand, the nether fortresses are found to be very scattered across the Nether in Minecraft, their spawning isn’t entirely random. The Nether fortresses mostly spawn on the positive side of the X-axis, therefore moving north or south taking care of X-axis will be the best way to search for them.

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3. Enderman

An Enderman is a neutral mob that is found in all the dimensions of Minecraft. They are a totally valuable source to farm the Ender Pearl, the most important item needed for igniting the End Portal.

Enderman can teleport and pick up the blocks as they spawn in groups of 4, fighting multiple of them at the same time can be pretty tricky. Ranged attacks are ineffective against Enderman as projectiles are hard-coded to not hit them.

Minecraft Enderman
Minecraft Enderman

Apart from it, the Enderman drops the XP as much as the skeletons or creepers, the spawn rate of Enderman is much higher than others which turns into making the Enderman XP farm much more efficient.

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4. Pillagers

Minecraft Pillagers
Minecraft Pillagers

The Pillagers are great structures for creating villager EXP farms in Minecraft. Players can easily create an EXP farm from this while getting various drops like Emeralds or crossbows. However, the biggest benefit from this is the Bad Omen interaction – players can kill the villager captains to get the free Bad Omen buff to trigger a raided farm.

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5. Ender Dragon

Minecraft Ender Dragon
Minecraft Ender Dragon

The Ender Dragon, the most dangerous enemy or mob the final boss of Minecraft, will give you an insane amount of 12,000 XP. This amount will be enough for you to get 30 levels. These all things will apply when you kill the Ender Dragon for the first time. After the first time, the Ender Dragon will start to give you only 500 XP each time you kill it. While it is significantly less than when you kill it for the first.

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The best 5 mobs for Minecraft XP farms are mentioned in this article. The best 5 Minecraft Mobs for XP Farming in 2024 will surely help you to progress better in Minecraft. So, make sure to know your thoughts in the comments below and share this page with your friends too.


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