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Best ways to get diamonds in free fire 2023

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Best ways to get diamonds in free fire 2023 – Players often desire to urge most of the exclusive in-game items in Free Fire. And to undertake to thereto, diamonds are generally required. Diamonds are often acquired through real money. Pin money to urge the in-game currency isn’t always a feasible option for several gamers. But here you will know best ways to get diamonds in free fire 2023.

Hence, they seem for various methods to urge Free Fire diamonds at no cost. There are lots of ways through which the players can obtain the diamonds in their free fire account. Listed below are the best ways to get diamonds in free fire 2023.

Best ways to get diamonds in free fire 2023

How do you get free diamonds from Google Opinion Rewards?

1. Google Opinion Rewards – is perhaps the only because to get free diamonds. It’s a quite popular option and is used by many players worldwide. Users can click here to travel to the Play Store page of the appliance. Players must complete short and easy surveys in Opinion Rewards to collect Google Play Credits.

They can use these credits to urge the in-game currency.
Google Opinion Rewards is an app you’ll download from the Play Store. Answer surveys and earn Google Play balance. Players can use this money to top up Free Fire Diamonds in their accounts. Currently, there’s another offer that lets players unlock Joseph for his or their first Diamond top-up.

How do you get free diamonds from Winzo?

2. Winzo – Also, nowadays many apps like winzo, have been becoming a huge platform for earning through playing games. Here, in this app, you have to just add some cash for playing games, but if you want to get an instant free sign-up bonus of 10 rupees then you should download Winzo App From here. In this application, you can play many of the games like ludo, racing car, ipl fantasy, etc.

But here in winzo app, there is also an interesting feature that you can earn money by playing free fire. Yes, you are reading right here, you can join several rooms on those you will play with other players. For joining this room you have to pay 50 rupees as an entry fee. But don’t worry you will be rewarded when doing a single kill also in the game. Because here on those room matches if you will do a 1 kill then you will get rewarded by 40 rupees.

How do you get free fire diamonds for free?

3. Free Fire Giveaways – Players can get Free Fire diamonds free of charge by participating in in-game events and custom rooms. Many channels and Instagram pages also host giveaways that include diamonds and a variety of other items as rewards. Also check here Top IPL Games For Android in 2023.

Do we really get diamonds from Booyah app?

4. Events – The developers of Free Fire add numerous events within the sport, which also provide users with an opportunity to urge their hands on diamonds at no cost. Presently, the “Bloodwing City” event is occurring on Booyah! Garena’s dedicated app for gaming videos.

In this event, users must upload clips related to the Elite Pass, which features a prize pool of 10000 diamonds. Players should also have to remember that to link their Free Fire accounts to the Booyah App! Also, check – Pubg and Freefire launching new game Garena Undawn

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How do you get free diamonds in free fire 2023?

5. GPT apps and websites – There are several GPT applications and websites through which the players can earn, including Poll Pay, Easy Rewards, Swagbucks, and Prize Rebel. Here, users must have to complete offers like surveys, quizzes, and more. Later, they’re going to redeem several rewards like gift cards, etc. it’s essential to note that the cash-out options depend on supported the country of the players.

Apart from that, players can also try participating in giveaways and custom rooms to face a chance at obtaining free diamonds. Users must not ever resort to the usage of illicit tools and mod applications to urge free diamonds. they’re against the anti-hack policy of Free Fire, and thus the accounts of players would get permanently banned if found guilty. Here are the all best ways to get diamonds in free fire 2021 I hope you liked all the ways and also follow them get diamonds in free fire in easy way.


I think here you will get to know about Best ways to get diamonds in free fire 2023 So, from these ways, you can get diamonds in free fire in easy way. Also, make sure that these are all the safe ways so do not worry about your I’d ban chances. I think, now you know how to get diamonds in free fire in easy way so, if you are any kind of problem so please comment down below your solution will be replied to by us in a few hours.

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