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GTA 6 Gameplay Is Leaked Now! | What Could Be Expected From GTA 6 Leaked Gameplay?

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GTA 6 Gameplay Video: Recently, the GTA 6 gameplay is leaked which is depicting the high-end graphics of the GTA 6 game for the PC versions and more. This could be a massive change for the Grand Theft Auto series, there are so many clips leaked by the people of the GTA 6 gameplay video.

GTA 6 Gameplay Outs Now!

GTA 6 Gameplay Is Leaked Now by the hacker which had shared the 90 clips in the GTA5Forums, with debugging interface and codes which is helping back up the veracity of the claims. PC Gamer reports that a user on the GTA Forums has posted a 3GB file full of 90 videos of GTA VI footage.

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It’s not exactly clear how the footage was obtained from this person, but the “teapotuberhacker” poster claims to be behind the unrelated Uber hack late last week and says they may “leak more data soon” including GTA V and GTA VI source code, assets, and testing builds. In the gameplay female character is visible who is discovering the whole city in the game, and according to these clips, the game is going to be absolutely amazing to play.

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What Could Be Expected From GTA 6 Leaked Gameplay?

From the leaked gameplay of GTA 6, it could be expected that the game is going to be the best in the Grand Theft Auto series. The dialogues in the game make the game much better sound and new characters could be introduced in GTA 6. Also, apart from it, the female character could be seen in the next GTA game. Expectations from Rockstar Games for this game are too high so, it will not be easy making this game for them in order to fulfill the Gamer’s demands.


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From the clips of GTA 6 clips, it could be said that GTA 6 game will be loved by many people as for years people were waiting for it. Hence, it could be the best game, also it is not confirmed yet by the Rockstar Games (developer) whether these clips are real or fake.


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