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Minecraft Mods Free Download 2024 | Top 6 Minecraft Best Mods To Play With Friends

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Minecraft Mods Free Download 2024: The Minecraft Mods Free Download 2024 has been updated for 2024 in order to provide a high-level gaming experience with the updated features in these best Minecraft mods to play with friends. In this article, you will learn about some Best Minecraft mods for 2024 that support the Minecraft & Minecraft pocket edition too. So, you will be able to access these mods anywhere you want.

Get the Best Minecraft Mods to play with Friends!

Playing with the mods in Minecraft with friends provides endless fun in the multiplayer mod. Therefore, you should know the best Minecraft mods to play with friends to grab your fun moments with your friends. Picking the mods to play can be difficult for once, but we have picked up the Minecraft Mods Free Download 2024 which contains the finest Minecraft modifications.

These Minecraft modifications may contain different features introducing new monsters, biomes, objects, and gameplay twists, or they can enhance the game’s current features, visuals, photos, and more in entertaining and novel ways. So, Minecraft Mods Free Download 2024 from here to enjoy all the features of the mods available here to download.

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Top 6 Minecraft Best Mods To Play

1. Walking Chests

Walking Chest Mod for Minecraft
Walking Chest Mod for Minecraft

In the Walking Chest Minecraft Mod, Luggage follows you for collecting the stuff (items) fallen on the ground, just as OpenBlocks, before putting them in its inventory.

While doing the Right click it will allow you to view its inventory and items placed inside the box. You may pick up the luggage as an object by shifting right-clicking it, making it simple to put it away.

The items get stored in the inventory, charged status, and name. You will don’t have to worry about losing your belongings items since luggage is everlasting.

The luggage in the box will become get charged and quadruple its inventory capacity if it is somehow struck by some of the lightning. Both the entity’s and the item’s textures in this mod have been updated to reflect this change.

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2. Medieval Weapons

Medieval Weapons For Minecraft
Medieval Weapons For Minecraft

What the name Medieval Weapons this mod describes exactly what the Medieval Siege Machines mod adds. You may use the mod’s in the addition to many military machines with medieval themes in your game to help your friends.

Five new siege machines are added to the mod with certain updates given below,

  • Mortar
  • Ballista
  • Battering Ram
  • Trebuchet

Wheels in the Medieval Weapons mod are one of the additional elements, the mod includes and is utilized while creating these machines in Minecraft. Additionally, they have realistic noises and animations within this mod.

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3. Any Dimension Portal

Any Dimension Portal Mod For Minecraft
Any Dimension Portal Mod For Minecraft

This Any Dimension Portal mod introduces ‘MANY’ new dimensions! With this amazing mod, you may be able to create dimensions made of whatever materials you which includes wood, obsidia00n, diamonds, bookshelves, obsidian, and TNT.

It’s very easy to use in the Minecraft pocket edition too. Simply construct a portal frame out of the material you want the dimension to be constructed of, it seems to be exactly like a nether portal.

You must have to create the Igniter next in this mod, which turns on the gateway.

Put the two sticks onto the crafting table so that you would be able to make a pickaxe, an Ender Pearl, and at the top of the two sticks, a dimension block, flint, and steel on the sides. Now IT’S Done!

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4. Waypoints

Waypoint Mod For Minecraft
Waypoint Mod For Minecraft

The waystone blocks added by this Waypoints mod allow the player to return to them after activation using a Warp Scroll in the game, a rechargeable Warp Stone, or by hopping from one waystone to another.

In place of the /warp and /home commands could easily be used in Survival Mode for Minecraft, and for the Adventure Maps, and on Multiplayer Servers.

All players in the Waypoints Minecraft mod will have the access to waystones globally, and also to the customizable inventory button that can be set up to enable warping without the use of any additional objects.

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5. Paraglider Mod

Paraglider Mod For Minecraft
Paraglider Mod For Minecraft

This Paraglider add-on is ideal for high-altitude Minecraft exploration.

The Paraglider Mod is for you if you want full-on paragliding action and experience in Minecraft as in Breath of the Wild.

The Paraglider mod and its item are taken from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild added by this Paraglider mod. Sticks and leather can be used to make the Paraglider in Minecraft.

You will be fall more slowly as you glide over the earth while holding the Paraglider in midair. Similar to BotW hence, it is not too difficult to control.

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6. Jurassic Craft

Jurassic Craft Mod For Minecraft
Jurassic Craft Mod For Minecraft

Greetings from the JurassiCraft!

A mod called JurassiCraft adds (Jurassic Craft Mod For Minecraft) ancient material to Minecraft. With the help of this mod, you guys will be able to make dinosaurs by taking the DNA from amber and fossils and processing it till a baby dinosaur is born. This mod not only includes all the new dinosaurs, but also a great variety of ancient vegetation!

Everything you need to know is there for you to make your own dinosaurs in this Jurassic craft mod for Minecraft.

There are just 10 dinosaurs in this mod for now, but more will be added later on that have been declared by its developers.

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How to Install Minecraft Mods 2024?

Step 1: The finest Minecraft modifications are generally easy to add, however depending on the gaming platform you use, there may be additional procedures.

Step 2: Download Minecraft Forge(opens in a new tab), an open source project that focuses on making various modifications compatible, if you’re playing on the original Java version of Mac or PC.

Step 3: Then, download a mod, add it to your Minecraft folder, and begin the game as usual. That ought should solve the issue.

Step 4: Mods are known as add-ons if you are playing on a system like the Xbox One.

Step 5: There won’t be as many options available to you, but all you have to do is visit the shop page, click Add-ons, and then select the particular add-on you want to download.

Step 6: Now that you’re probably thinking about the many types of modifications available, here is a list of some of the top and most satisfying ones for you to enjoy.

Minecraft Mods Free Download 2024

All the modifications in these new mods have been recently introduced, also trying new mods in Minecraft is an exciting thing to do with friends. So, you must try these Minecraft Mods Free Download 2024 with your friends to enhance your gameplay and immersive gaming experience.

Minecraft Mods FAQS

(Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. How to get Minecraft Mods For Free?

Ans – You can get the free mods and textures packs for Minecraft PE & bedrock edition by downloading from here on our site.

Q. How to get the best mods available for Minecraft?

Ans – To download Minecraft’s best mods you can refer to our provided installation process given in this article.


As above we had shared Minecraft Mods Free Download 2024 for Android & PC then you should definitely try our Top 6 Minecraft Best Mods To Play With Friends Provided here for everyone which are absolutely free to download. If you have any doubts regarding the process for Minecraft Mods Free Download 2024 then you must let us know in the comments below.


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