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Pubg mobile beta version 1.4.0 update | Pubg Mobile New Update

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What is PUBG mobile beta version?

Pubg mobile beta version 1.4.0 update – PUBG MOBILE BETA is that the beta version of PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS (PUBG) which is the best battle royale game. The foremost and biggest difference between this and thus the official version is that here, you get a sneak peek at the game’s latest features before anyone else.

In this game, you will get to participate during the 100-person Battle Royale against other online players who are in your opponent team. You’re being in a closed-in map where only one player are often left standing at the highest and he will get rewards by chicken dinner. So on the play, you’ll get to maneuver around each setting to gather the resources you’d wish to win including weapons, and much more. But that’s not all. The map gets smaller and smaller with each passing minute.

What’s new in pubg mobile beta version 1.4?

In addition to this standard game modes, in PUBG MOBILE BETA you’ll also find various additional modes, including a 4-on-4 ‘team deathmatch,’ that is also known as TDM match. A mode where you fight against hordes of zombies. Of course, you’ll need to sacrifice a specific level of stability, but that’s to be expected. Because as it is giving you the fun of all new upcoming features so, therefore, some of the features do not available in this game.

You can also be able to customize the extent of graphic detail using the settings menu. This means you’ll adjust your experience to best fit your smartphone’s capabilities. Plus, you’ll also able to customize the controls for when you’re driving or hiking around on foot.

PUBG MOBILE BETA could also be an incredible adaptation of the primary PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS. You get to enjoy hours of play in several modes that, in many cases, haven’t even reached the stable version. As another bonus, if you decide on the team option, you get to live chat alongside your buddies in-game to coordinate your moves, via your smartphone’s microphone.

When pubg mobile beta version new update released?

The Pubg mobile beta version 1.4.0 update was released a few of days ago by the game’s developers. Almost just like the previous iterations, it features various new aspects that players can be able to try before they’re got introduced within the ultimate version that is in the global version.

The pubg mobile beta version 1.4 includes unique content related to the Godzilla vs Kong collaboration, a replacement vehicle, and more. An Invitation Code is required to access the Pubg mobile beta version 1.4.0 update. It binds the worldwide version accounts of the game to the beta version. The developers have introduced such a system to reduce the number of violations.

What is the size of beta PUBG mobile?

Pubg mobile beta version 1.4.0 update global version: After the completion of the PUBG Mobile 1.3 beta version, the PUBG game developers recently unrolled Pubg mobile beta version 1.4.0 update. The new update features a replacement vehicle, game mode, and a variety of other upgrades. Players kindly note that the APK file size is about 606 MB, whereas the resource pack’s size varies supported by the selection that the player selects.

Ensure to possess adequate space on their devices before downloading the file. Locate and install the APK file. Remember to enable the ‘Install from Unknown Source’ option. Once the in-game patches conclude, tap on the ‘Guest’ option. By this, you can get Pubg mobile beta version 1.4.0 update for your mobile devices. Also if you have low-end devices then you can also play pubg lite latest version on your device.

A dialogue box will appear on their screen asking them to enter the Invitation Code/Binding Code. After entering the code, gamers can enjoy testing all the new features within the Pubg mobile beta version 1.4.0 update, the report said. Meanwhile, PUBG Mobile game developers have given a huge hint which suggests that the PUBG Mobile India mobile game will re-launch in India very soon.

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Features Availability
Godzilla Mode Yes
HD Graphics
New Weapons & Cars Yes
Multiplayer Mode Yes
For Low-End Devices No

Is Pubg mobile hiring in India?

PUBG Corporation is hiring for the position of senior marketing manager India, product manager India, Associated Director, publishing business operations India, Video Editor India, and Investment & Strategy Analyst India. This post hints that the company is functioning hard to bring back PUBG Mobile within the country very soon.

The immensely popular battle royale game is collaborating with the most recent movie installment of Monster verse, Godzilla vs Kong. With an explosive box office release, the movie has garnered plenty of attention & is now highly acclaimed worldwide.

Now, the epic Godzilla vs Kong theme in PUBG Mobile is already out for beta testing & are getting to be launched in Season 19, globally. Players can pubg mobile beta version 1.4 download from here. Pubg mobile beta version 1.4.0 update directly using the APK file. However, they require an activation code to assess it. This text provides a guide to download and play this version.


Version Latest Version
Developer Tencent Games


 As we know Pubg mobile beta version 1.4.0 update has been out now. So, from here you can pubg mobile beta version 1.4 download which is the latest one. Also, make sure that in the pubg mobile beta version 1.4 you will receive lots of features so, you must pubg mobile beta version 1.4.0 download now from here.

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