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Pubg mobile Godzilla vs kong 1.4 update download apk | Pubg mobile godzilla season 19 update 2021

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Pubg mobile Godzilla vs kong 1.4: updateTencent has launched the most expected replacement of the PUBG Mobile worldwide model. This new replacement is called Pubg mobile Godzilla vs kong 1.4 update. Four replacements and capabilities the new ‘Godzilla vs Kong’ Mode and customers can use the hyperlink given underneath to at once download this new replacement.

Alongside this new mode, numerous different adjustments are made to the sport. PUBG Mobile releases seasonal updates with numerous tweaks and new content material to entertain their participant base with precise gameplay every season. The builders introduced a novel collaboration in March wherein Tencent partnered with the motion movie Godzilla vs Kong at the event of the sport’s in Pubg mobile Godzilla vs kong 1.4 update.

What is the pubg mobile new update size?

This new replacement is around 1GB in length and capabilities all of the new content material. This replacement can have positive new capabilities like titan crystals, apex camps, and plenty greater. Other stability adjustments are referred to in it additionally. Players can sincerely click on the download button link given underneath to download this new replacement. Also you can download PUBG MOBILE LITE from here.

This collaboration promised a substitute in-sport mode specially devoted across the subject matter of the film. This mode is called ‘Godzilla vs Kong’ mode and hence the two amazing creatures will make a look inside the matches. These monsters are being referred to as Titans inside the new replace patch notes. Players can observe the complete patch notes by clicking here.

Who Created PUBG MOBILE?

PUBG MOBILE may also be a Battle Royale cell sport created independently through Lightspeed & Quantum Studios of Tencent Game, formally certified through PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS. It have been launched globally in March 2018. Built with Unreal Engine four, Pubg mobile Godzilla vs kong 1.4 update specializes in visible quality, maps, taking pictures to enjoy, and different aspects, offering an all-rounded surreal Battle Royale enjoy to gamers.

One hundred gamers will land at the battleground to start off an excessive but amusing journey. Each participant is needed to scavenge survival supplies, additionally on make the most of the maximum capability of the map terrain, vehicles, and gadgets to turn out to be the ultimate crew status at the battleground. Check your heartbeat and reap on one defend due to the fact the play area starts to shrink.

Which Maps are there in PUBG MOBILE?

Multiple maps are to be had for gamers to pick from, starting from Erangel, Miramar, Krakin, Sanhok, Livik, and plenty of greater. Don’t ditch the array of gameplay that awaits your exploration! Till today, they have an impact on PUBG MOBILE doesn’t simply serve its reason as a sport, it’s also a hub that connects gamers from anywhere the earth and a logo that encourages gamers to stay to their fullest.

As a place of Pubg mobile Godzilla vs kong 1.4 update, which might also additionally attain game enthusiasts through Tuesday and ultimate till June 8. It’s been said that now no longer simply Pubg mobile Godzilla vs kong 1.4 update, however Mechagodzilla (spoiler for those who haven’t visible the film but) will display up random instances at some stage in the gameplay. They visit spoil the surroundings around you, gamers and different monsters.

What are the new features of PUBG MOBILE?

They visit also be losing a few strength crystals, which may be used to enhance your capabilities and capabilities inside the game and accumulate a plus over rival gamers. These are regularly used to burn gamers, stumble on them close by, and greater. Also, beginning May 25th, you’ll play the finale of the event, Titan Last Stand, by boarding a helicopter inside the lobby.

Sort of the opposite adjustments consists of a substitute over-the-shoulder view, a new map for Arena mode, and a substitute Coup RB car, which is moreover the quickest ever car inside the game to date. As for Battlegrounds Mobile India, there may be no reputable release date but. However, the identity is alleged to consist of extraordinary in-sport activities like clothing and capabilities, and it’ll actually have its personal esports surroundings with tournaments and leagues alongside aspect partners.

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Features Availability
Story Mode
Challenging gameplay Yes
Multiple Language Support Yes
Less violent No

What is Godzilla vs Kong?

Back in March, Toho Games unveiled 3 all-new Godzilla video games for cell: Run Godzilla, a city-wrecking sim known as Godzilla Destruction, and a 3-minute all-super megacelebrity monster battler through the call of pubg mobile godzilla update 202 – simply in case you’re locating out greater of that candy Godzilla goodness. In an ordinary war royale, the aim is to be the ultimate status amongst one hundred opponents.

When one of these opponents may also be a 300-foot tall radioactive lizard, you’re attending to want barely pretty UZI to want it down. next, replace Player Unknowns Battlegrounds introduces a crossover with Godzilla vs Kong, with Legendary large monsters set to duke it out at the cell maps beginning later inside the week.

What happens if Godzilla comes in PUBG?

At semi-random instances at some stage in online matches, in Pubg mobile Godzilla vs kong 1.4 update, and Mechagodzilla will seem and begin wrecking the neighborhood surroundings, gamers, and different monsters. Watching the titans duke it out out of your tiny human attitude sounds amusing, however, the sport will keep around them, so watch your lower back for different gamers.

In the Pubg mobile Godzilla vs kong 1.4 update Monsters will drop strength crystals of their wake which may be used to buff your abilities, push and burn different gamers, or stumble on them close by, and loot-stuffed Apex centers from the film will dot the map additionally.


Version Latest Version
Series PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds
Platforms Android, IOS
Developer PUBG Corporation
Publishers KRAFTON, VNG Game, more


As we know Pubg mobile Godzilla vs kong 1.4 update has been out now. So, from here you can get a pubg mobile godzilla vs kong download apk which is the latest one. Also, make sure that in the Pubg mobile Godzilla vs kong 1.4 update you will receive lots of features.

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