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5 Best Guns To Use In Free Fire After New Update!

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Best Guns To Use In Free Fire After New Update: The better equipment in the game too helps one to win the matches and talking about the Free Fire game, especially you will have a number of options to use the guns in the matches as your weapons. But this article provides you with a detailed analysis of some Best Guns To Use In Free Fire After a New Update!

Best Guns to Use in Free Fire Game

The selection of the right gun will give you the extra edge in your gameplay and for esports players also picking the right weapons is far important as their gameplay. Bringing a number of changes to various weapons Free Fire introduced some new weapons to let’s take our eye on them:

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1. Bizon

The Bizon gun is the latest SMG in the Free Fire dealing with a great recoil system in the game. It is an absolute monster gun for close-range fights and being powerful it has a big capacity to store the bullets. Having the high destructive damage this gun falls down when it comes to point accuracy. So, if you have great control over the aim accuracy of the gun then this gun would be perfect for you.

5 Best Guns To Use In Free Fire After New Update
Free Fire Bizon Gun

Also for its beast performance attachments could be added to the Bizon gun to improve its accuracy and increase bullet storage capacity. With the Muzzle + Foregrip + Stock combo, players would have no problem dispatching enemies in close and even middle-range fights with great accuracy, and no recoil will be faced.

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2. G36

The G36 is also the new gun in the Free Fire similar to other AR guns it supports 2 firing modes. Assault mode gives you better damage at the cost of a lower range, which allows players to fight better in the early and late games. Range mode is the opposite – it increases range and at the cost of damage. With this mode active, players should be able to snipe much more accurately.

Free Fire G36
Free Fire G36

The only downgrade of the G36 gun feels when it comes to average statline which will be fixed in the further updates in the Free Fire.

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3. M24

The M24 has become a very popular gun ever after its addition to the Free Fire. It is the lightest sniper rifle with a very high movement stat, which allows the players to run around the enemies freely with a great movement speed unliked other bulky snipers. However, this M24 gun is considered to be underwhelming by pros, due to its lower range and damage.

Free Fire M24
Free Fire M24

Garena has been deciding to fix the problem by increasing which is increasing the weapon’s damage by 8% in further upcoming updates. Players will be able to reliably 2-3 shots at enemies with the gun now soon.

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The FAMAS is one of the hardest weapons to use in Free Fire, hence many pro players practice hard to become masters of this gun in the game. Being the only Assault Rifle that cannot automatically fire. Players can only release bursts of 3 bullets at a time which provides very high damage to the enemy.

Free Fire Famas
Free Fire Famas

This is why Garena has been trying to buff this weapon for quite a while now, as it is just high risk with low reward.

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5. M1887 – The Best Gun to Use in Free Fire

The M1887 is the most powerful shotgun in the game currently in the game, with the ability to one-shot kill the players very easily with simple aim accuracy too. Garena has decided to rebalance the weapon strengths a little bit by reducing its damage but increasing its fire rate and range. This will surely help to cover long-distance targets in the classic matches.

Free Fire M1887 Gun
Free Fire M1887 Gun

Overall, the changes are more of a buff than a nerf, as the M1887’s damage is still high enough to one shot kill other players.


All the Best Guns To Use In Free Fire After New Update are listed above with their pros and cons, hence pick up the guns according to your skills which will surely make a deadly combination of your gameplay with the help of some simple tactics.


Q. Which is the best gun in Free Fire?

A. The M1887 shotgun is considered to be the most powerful weapon in the Free Fire.

Q. Which is the best SMG in Free Fire?

A. The Mp40 SMG is considered to be the most powerful SMG weapon in the Free Fire.

Q. Which is the best Sniper in Free Fire?

A. The AWM Gun is considered to be the most powerful Sniper weapon in the Free Fire.


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