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20 Best Minecraft Automatic Farm ideas | Minecraft Automatic Farm Guide

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Automate Your Farm System in Minecraft!

Building the best automatic farm in Minecraft is kind of a challenging task for beginners. Also, it would be nice if you will don’t have to harvest your crops or hunt enemies for their drops manually. Well, you can come every morning after sleep to a chest full of food and items.

Minecraft Automatic Farm ideas: As we know Farms is a very necessary part of Minecraft. Depending upon your liking from compact farms to large huge factory-esque production, there is a farm for everyone. This list is updated recently and features even more farm options for you to choose from, with the link to farm tutorials. Make sure to check top minecraft mods to play with friends too.

Best Minecraft Automatic Farm ideas For Beginners in 2023

Having a perfect Minecraft Farms is really helpful for playing in survival mode for every player. Letting you know that this list is updated recently and we have listed some more farm ideas for everyone to choose from.

1. Egg Farm

Egg Farm Minecraft
Egg Farm Minecraft

For making numerous amount of cakes, the egg farm will surely help you out. This is one of the simplest farms to make and is easy to make you will not be facing any kind of difficulty in making this farm. The requirements for this farm are just the two chickens on a hopper. After meeting all the requirements box them in, so they will be unable to escape. You can also your existing eggs in the hopper to spawn the baby chicks.

After a certain period of time, the chickens will be being to lay eggs, the eggs will be transferred from the funnel to the chest. This is a tested and tried method of egg farming in Minecraft to yield hundreds of eggs for you. For the expansion of this farm, you can do it by adding much more hoppers and chickens.

2. Gold Farm

After the big update of Minecraft 1.16, all the players were happy for building their own gold farms. Now, generally, these farms look to be endgame, but there are many ways for making smaller or little versions of them. A most ideal way for making this farm is to get into the Nether roof, an area that can be glitched using an Ender Pearl.

Gold farms have a turtle egg trapped in the middle portion, which will aggressively pull Zombie Pigmen toward it. As the zombie pigmen drop gold continuously this will be a fantastic way to farm compared to finding gold ores quickly. Thanking the hoppers and chests making this process automated.

3. Wheat Farm

Wheat Farm Minecraft
Wheat Farm Minecraft

For beginners in Minecraft, any type of food will be necessary and this automated machine also works for carrots and potatoes and for the wheat farm too. This method of farming can be used for beetroot as well, it just requires more bone meal to fully grow it. This micro-farm basically uses observer blocks and dispensers filled with bone meals used for growing a bunch of food quickly.

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This farm is especially will be an ideal choice as it is used to feed cows and sheep, which are both better farm animals than pigs. To build an enchantment set full of 15 bookshelves around the enchanting table leather will be required and this is something you will need anyway at the beginning. 

4. Cow Farm

Due to the sheer utility of the cows in the game, they are really one of the best mobs to farm. Not only do cows drop leather used for books, armor, and items frames but also they also provide steak which has one of the best hunger saturations in the game. Although, for removing adverse status effects quickly mils is a powerful tool obtained from them.

5. Iron Farm


An iron farm actually rises significantly after you gained successfully gathered plenty of diamonds. Therefore, it is considered more of a late-game build as the need for iron gradually increases as we move ahead in the journey. Getting iron from the caves feels like a drag as it cannot be mined with a Fortune pickaxe like the diamonds.

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To spawn iron golems in a certain vicinity these iron farms use villager mechanics. The iron is transferred into the chest through hoppers. Golems are dropped down the shaft into some lava for obtaining iron from it. Iron golems are a solid source of emergency iron and are used frequently by many speedrunners as this is considered to be a great strategy.

6. Villager Farm

Villager Farm Minecraft
Villager Farm Minecraft

It is even more important to have a great villager farm in survival mode to secure your world those coveted Mending books, with the AFK fishing that gives enchanted books. Moreover, villager farming is the trickiest task to do in Minecraft and it is also pretty difficult to automate its farming, as it requires some sort of interaction from you. The part that is automated in this farm is breeding, which will be taking your main stress away.

Moreover, it is up to you how will handle the villagers as this farm involves creating a separate farm included in it from which can escape through a shaft of water baby villagers will be able to escape. As they grew up into adults they can be easily transported away with the minecarts.

7. Cooked Chicken Farm

Cooked Chicken Farm Minecraft
Cooked Chicken Farm Minecraft

This farm contains incredibly cheap build is essential, automatically creating, killing, and cooking chicken system for you. On this farm, chickens are trapped in a 1×1 space, with their eggs being collected. As the eggs are collected by the placed dispenser eggs are fired, with a chance to hatch a baby chick.

A chicken has a 12.5 percent chance of spawning from the fired egg although if it does it will spawn on the slab and grow into an adult chicken after 20 minutes of the period. Since it is now adult then it will be tall enough reaching on the lava and will be cooked quickly. All the meat from chickens is collected into the hopper below placing the items into the chest. The more chickens in the glass the more chickens to breed regularly.

8. Sugar Cane Farm

Being one of the simplest designs from all the farms, harvesting sugar cane whenever you needed it has been made simple. Also, various items can be made from the sugarcane easily therefore having this kind of farm will be helpful for you all in Minecraft.

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9. Cactus Farm

Cactus Farm Minecraft
Cactus Farm Minecraft

There is no need for redstone wiring but needs some tricky hopper work techniques for the cactus farm in Minecraft. Just you have to place a hopper leading to a chest, then a hopper minecart on the top. Just to make your minecart rest freely you have to break the rails. Block one of the sides of the minecart then push sand into it with a piston from the side.

As the cactus grows it will automatically break into the glass next to it, and a hopper minecart will pick it up the cactus after then will be dropped will be blocked before it is destroyed.

10. Pumpkin/Melon Farm

Without any mechanical interference built multiple melon farms side-by-side and grew more melons/pumpkins than you want. Looking at the pumpkin’s stems observers are placed, as one grows from them it will randomly grow left or right.

The observer will be going to detect that the stem is curved and will be powering the two pistons beside it. Destroying the pumpkins/melons’ block will be dropped into the hopper. You can also place the water under the pistons, if you are preferring drops to go in a single place then you consider building a trench in front of the hopper minecart.

11. Mushroom Farm

As mushroom farms tend to look a little bit ugly so, mushroom farms can be hidden in ceilings and will be considered to be better mushroom farming. Also creating huge mushroom farms will not be much harder for you all as you learned to build them. Check out the tutorial placed and you will be able to build plenty of mushroom farms for yourself.

12. Hostile Mob Farm

The hostile mob farm is a must-have farm in the game. As in this farm, you guys will be able to gather materials from hostile mobs, without making separate farms for each of them. Old hostile mob farms involved creating a giant box in the sky, but time has passed forward a lot.

Now, you guys can create platforms of a simple slab and with water push mobs off the side. At the top, you can collect tons of materials without putting your efforts into killing them. This special feature of this farm is it can be expanded upwards, but it is recommended not to make it too larger as some chunks may not load.

13. Honey Farm

Minecraft bees are neutral mobs that are going to attack you once you hit them or harvest from their hive. After a short period of time, the bees will be looking to sting you, and keep remembering that once you get stung by a bee, you will die. This farm can help deal with the bees to have enough honey for yourself.

On this farm, you can keep the bees in an enclosed area for producing honey by pollinating flowers. Like the other farms on our lists, this farm can also be expanded to keep building up your honey empire.

14. Wool Farm

Ideally, the wool farm is needed if you are looking to make carpets or make items with multiple colors. Also, various colors of beds can be crafted easily from the crafting table with the help of multiple colors of wool.

15. Lava Farm

Buckets of lava are a great fuel source for late-game players in Minecraft. In the update of Dripstone lava now became a renewable mineral and can be easily farmed from the comfort of your base. This is really helpful for farming lava on a huge scale and can be stored in multiple blocks.

16. Goat Horn Farm

The cliffs and caves update introduced a new mob in Minecraft cliffs too, now goats can be seen leaping up to five blocks in the air and frolicking in powder snow. Goats do not provide meat, but they drop goat horns. The combination of these horns with copper can produce 30 different songs. Considering this farm idea in your world will be a great option.

17. Slime Farm

If you are planning to use many sticky pistons then building a slime farm is a must-build for you. With this farm, you will be creating a platform to spawn the slimes. Once the slimes are spawned they will head towards Iron Golem meeting their demise. Slime farms can be placed where slimes spawn naturally within a slime chunk.

18. Creeper Farm

Letting you know that, most of the Minecraft Veteran players had already built up their creeper farm. This is one of the most important farms for collecting gunpowder which is used to make rockets. Rockets are used to around with elytra.

Once creepers spawn a wave of water pushes them off the platform and falls into the water below the created funnel to a hole where the campfire will kill them. The creeper farms can be expanded easily, and a great source for obtaining gunpowder.

19. Cobblestone Farm

A cobblestone generator farm is one of the most basic farms in Minecraft but is widely used by many sky block players. For building it you will be requiring a bucket of lava and a bucket of water.

20. Tree Farm

Last but not the least, a tree farm is a great choice for collecting more and more wood which is extremely versatile and used widely for crafting several items. This farm works with TNT, which continuously blows the wood up, dropping it into flowing water which feeds into hoppers. 

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