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One Piece Recap Episode 1062 Coming Next Week on May 21!

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One Piece Recap Episode 1062: The One Piece Recap Episode 1062 will be going to be so exciting for all the fans. Recently, the official ONE PIECE account has shared a little preview instead of Recap episode 1062 coming next week. The next week’s special episode will be airing instead of the Recap episode 1062 on May 14 as a recap showing Zoro and King’s fight till now.

So there is a big chance for the new release date for ONE PIECE Recap episode 1062 to air on May 21, which will be consisting of many fighting actions. You can watch the preview for the new upcoming special episode available on Crunchyroll at the end of episode 1061.

One Piece Recap Episode 1062

One Piece Recap Episode 1062 will be packed up with all the Zoro’s fights following the next Sanji vs Queen conclusion, which makes this episode too satisfying to watch. Also, according to the rumors the new challenge of Luffy is going to start after a few episodes so it might be possible that the scenes could be discussed in this episode too.

One Piece Recap Episode 1062 & Chapter 1082 Release Date

As we have earlier discussed episode 1062 of the anime will be released on May 21, also it will continue its manga series. So, the new chapters of the One Piece manga will be back with the release of chapter 1082 later today. Also, you guys can watch this anime on Crunchyroll easily, till then you can have a look over the latest manga chapter for free from the VIZ site or the MANGA PLUS site.

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