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Best Video Games For Blind People | PC Games For Blind People

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Best Video Games For Blind People: Talking about the video game industry it has a wide variety and millions of games are available to play right now to all people. But choosing games for blind people looks like it is challenging. But don’t worry about it because, in this article, we had shared the Best Video Games For Blind People so that they can easily play and enter the world of gaming.

Best Video Games For Blind People

All the Best Video Games For Blind People discussed here will be based on audio-listening skills, so you should carefully pick the perfect game for your friend. Games are likely easy to understand and favorable to play for blind players. They will have to show their perfection in listening to the task similar to other missions we get in the other games. So, let’s have a look at the Best Video Games For Blind People.

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1. Pacman Talks

Relating to the name itself, Pacman Talks is easy to download Pac-Man-style audio game for Windows. Due to the great intellectual concept of this game, many people like to play this game and experience how it actually works and how it is executable if it is opened. Also, to learn to play this game you can go for the explanation.

Pacman Talks
Pacman Talks

For all the people with impaired vision, the game shows a black screen, this is not expected from an audio game but it’s quite surprising. After going through the explanation I found that the games will be played with the arrow keys on the keyboard. This allows you to move your Pacman around and it’s easy to observe the game from above too. With the help of some sounds, keys pass with a good succession rate. Compared to the other sounds available in the game it is much louder. Overall, the game brings you a great experience having audio games with it.

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2. Camel

At second position in Best Video Games For Blind People list we have Camel a good simple text adventure game developed by the now-defunct audio games company, Braillesoft. This game does not need any kind of requirements to entertain blind people. This PC game for blind people can be easily played on the Terminal or command prompt window. You can take the experience of a traveler who is traveling on a camel in the hot desert and looking to escape from pygmies.

All the actions like moving at a moderate or fast pace or taking a drink, resting, and stopping your ride all these things are now possible with the number of keys bound ranging from 1 – 8.


Truly, the game is entertaining a lot of people because of its master skills in storytelling and exciting race against pygmies. The minimal amount of worldbuilding is keeping the players stick to the game and keeps them interested in the upcoming possible outcomes. Sometimes it becomes difficult to listen, and hence the difficulty in the game increases, and the screen reader will help to listen to the wordings. This shows how important is to keep updating the game for a better experience for all the players.

3. BlackJak

Similar to the previous one, BlackJak is also made by the same developers as that Camel hence, it is another text-based game can be easily played like an audio game. All this becomes possible with the help of a screen reader, making the game easier to play. Actually, BlackJak is like a popular card game, where on the table you aim to put the cards. Until you reach close to 21, without exceeding this number.


Compared with Camel, this game is a lot faster paced, and a very short load of information is present making this game more enjoyable to play.

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4. Blindfold Hearts

Blindfold Hearts is one of the popular games available on the IOS App stores also and understanding the rules could be the thing to look out for. This is because the game does not explain the rules of this Hearts card game clearly confusing us while testing the game.

Blindfold Hearts
Blindfold Hearts

Moreover, as you start playing you will all get rules and understand how to play this game, the accessibility to blind people. Also, the audio prompts will be surely helpful for them all, to progress through the game and it will be quite entertaining for them all. So you can choose any one of the Best Video Games For Blind People listed here to try now.

5. Drowning in Problems

Drowning in Problems
Drowning in Problems

Drowning in Problems is an amazing game run in the browser that helps you build the life of a person based on how you see fit. Comes at the fifth position in our Best Video Games For Blind People list. For the exercise purpose also this game is quite impressive to play for visually impaired people. In this game, you will have to solve the problems by choosing appropriate options and that will be going to modify the list of problems on the list. Though the game is not officially developed as an audio game it can be played using the screen reader easily.

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6. Sonic Zoom

Sonic Zoom can be downloaded for use with Windows, being a racing game this brings all joy to all the visually impaired players. You will simply have to follow the straight path and dodge the obstacles in the race course you have to collect the coins. The simple concept in this game feels like an amazing experience offering visualization easily accessible to all the blind and visually impaired people.

Sonic Zoom
Sonic Zoom

The guidance and rules are explained well through the narrator’s voice in the game very clear and good to listen to. The coins make a sound, so you can identify them by listening and collecting a lot of coins for yourself, and identifying will become easier whether they are on the left or right.


As we had came across all the games listed here in the list, many audio-based games are really entertaining. Many developers coming forward to build new games for blind people to make them fun. Share your thoughts about all these Best Video Games For Blind People in the comments below.


Q. Is there any video game available for blind people?

Ans. Yes, blind people can also play video games based on the audio prompts. There are plenty of the Best Video Games For Blind People listed here.

Q. Can blind people play PC Games?

Ans. Well, blind people can play several audio-based games easily with prompts and with the help of a screen reader. 

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